I spent my whole childhood in Nichelino, a town south of Turin, where I lived with my family.

I attended “Walt Disney” elementary school, where I got used to have lunch at the collective canteen and to spend most of the day far form home. I remember all these wonderful experiences while travelling by car and watching in the meantime LUCIANO Company warehouses passing by in Moncalieri: all the time I asked my father what were all those colorful tarps for and he answered me they belonged to an important Company collaborating with FIAT Company and producing closures to separate different sectors.


“A. Manzoni” middle school in Nichelino was such a training ground for me, while I spent week-ends with my family in the countryside. I got enrolled in “Maxwell ITSS” high school where I really had to struggle.

24.10.2018 @langaofficial

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